Les Dames d'Escoffier

Candy Lesher

A veteran chef, cooking instructor, and consultant, Candy Lesher is an award-winning professional who continually contributes to the food and beverage community on multiple levels. An accomplished public speaker and emcee, Ms. Lesher was both host and executive producer of the successful Food & Life Television show; she is also a skilled writer, meriting her the position of Editor-in-Chief at Food & Life Magazine. Ms. Lesher’s commitment to her craft ultimately led to her being inducted into Arizona’s Culinary Hall of Fame and earning a Telly Award for her television show. Concurrently, she served as a local panelist for the James Beard Awards.

As a Culinary Wellness Coach, Ms. Lesher was the chef-instructor for Honor Health’s cooking classes held at their Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center and has been privately coaching clients for six years now. She is currently working on a full-scale, multi-platform launch of Your Kitchen Prescription, her Lifestyle Medicine Wellness show and website that assists those struggling with illness/disease to eat within the parameters dictated by their medical team. Her gift is helping clients rediscover their mealtime joy, through innovative recipes and techniques.