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Kirti Dwivedi

Member Since: 2021

Kirti Dwivedi is a highly sought-after Digital Media and Marketing consultant. Her strong understanding of New Media has earned her a solid reputation among local and national companies looking to succeed in the Social Media landscape. After earning an MBA from the prestigious W.P. Carey Business School at Arizona State University, Kirti started her own Marketing and Digital Media consulting company called Diya Marketing in 2008. She has worked with numerous local businesses and corporations to help them plan their branding and Social Media strategies. Her clients have included the US Green Building Council, convenience store giant Circle K, New York Times best-selling author Cheryl Najafi, as well as local businesses and events, like Garden Bar Phoenix, Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Lounge, Little Rituals, and Arizona Cocktail Weekend. Kirti’s strong knowledge of all aspects of Digital Media and Marketing have allowed her clients to flourish and grow their audiences and reputations.