Les Dames d'Escoffier

Maureen Elitzak

Member Since: 2022

Master Chocolatier Maureen Elitzak is co-owner of Zak’s Chocolate. Zak’s is an award-winning, small-batch, artisan chocolate shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Zak’s is one of the rare shops making 100% of the chocolate they offer, starting with only ethically-sourced cocoa beans.

Maureen’s former career was in Accounting, with an accounting degree from University of Connecticut and earning her CPA license.

Making chocolates started as a hobby that grew over time, with an increased desire to not only make confections but also the chocolate itself, starting by roasting cocoa beans. To gain knowledge and expertise before opening Zak’s, Maureen took professional chocolatier and chocolate making courses.

Maureen loves to continually learn new skills & techniques and create new flavor recipes with chocolate.