Les Dames d'Escoffier

Michelle Jacobs

Prior to landing in the restaurant industry, teaching elementary school and retail management formed Michelle’s early adult career path. The experiences and knowledge gained in those days diversified her expertise and added relevant education which has served well in all aspects of her personal and professional worlds.

Michelle is an energetic leader and visionary with a tenacious commitment to grow bottom lines, exceed expectations, and develop people by diving in to order chaos, simplify complexity, and affect change to create successful (and profitable) outcomes.

With years of success (and failure) spanning several markets and applications, the diverse knowledge Michelle offers clients paired with their drive to evolve facilitates the collaboration to explore an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. From there she helps craft a plan and set goals to tackle together. She and her team roll up their sleeves and champion a course to building and strengthen client teams, recover lost revenue, grow profits by growing sales, trim needless spending, and discover new streams of income.

Leading by serving, Michelle and her associates will demonstrate the expected service standards and design accountability checks to ensure compliance. Touting strong analytical and organizational abilities with an emphasis on bottom line growth, Michelle meets her clients and their teams where they are and accompanies them to the desired destination— all while teaching problem-solving, effective multi-tasking, and time management.