Les Dames d'Escoffier

Sabrina Rigas

Sabrina has always loved bringing people together. From sourcing and selling antique doors, to offering cultural cooking classes and tours to expatriates in her husband’s native Saudi Arabia, to starting her business Urban Grove, she enjoys introducing uncommon people with common interests and has built a business rooted in connection, family, and history.

A native Tucsonan, Sabrina is passionate about contributing to the local community and economic improvement for individuals, artists, and businesses of all kinds. Since 2015 the Urban Grove has been a working citrus grove, date farm, and event space, serving as an intimate venue for culinary events and classes, hosting small and large community organizations, and celebrations of all kinds. These events bring together members of Tucson’s dynamic, vibrant culinary scene, and connect like-minded individuals in a serene dessert setting under the date palms. Sabrina’s dedication to community building continues with her daughters contributing their respective own culinary, business, and marketing expertise at every level of the Grove’s operation, establishing a woman-owned, heart-centered business to succeed for generations. Sabrina enthusiastically shares her knowledge of Tucson both to preserve it and to nurture the necessary connections to take it far into the future.

Using her skills, talents, and relationships, Sabrina is excited to expand the reach of culinary enthusiasts and food entrepreneurs to celebrate the historical and cultural perspective of foods introduced by both the ancient and recent cultures in the Southwestern desert.