Les Dames d'Escoffier

Shawnny Roman

Shawnny Roman is Chef/Owner of Blissful Boards, based in Mesa, Arizona. Having lived in Southern Mexico many times growing up, she has a close relationship with Mexican culture and cuisine. Spending time with her mother in the kitchen, she developed a passion for homemade, authentic Mexican foods. Her father was also passionate about the culinary world; he owned many restaurants, one of them is still in business in Puebla, Mexico.

Along her own culinary Journey, Shawnny developed a flair for preparing other world cuisines: Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Thai, and more. Blissful Boards was born from her love for charcuterie boards, pairing ingredients, intricate prepping, creativity, and meditation. She relishes both the challenges and endless creative opportunities; that’s how she views her business— endless, blissful creativity!

After her “amazing” experience attending Le Cordon Bleu Scottsdale, Shawnny was graduated in 2017, and continued her private chef/catering business, which led to opportunities to travel and conduct yoga/meditation retreats, combining two of her talents and passions. She then focused her entrepreneurial spirit to “give birth” to a beautiful new chapter in her life, Blissful Boards, and feels immense pride in her “from scratch” presentations, which include only her own jams and crackers.

Shawnny’s positivity and high energy also help fuel yet another of her passions: ballroom dancing!